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Golden Jubilee Games
20 June 2008
  • The Golden Jubilee Games: Celebration Through Sport was a global Ismaili sports festival held in Nairobi, Kenya from 24 – 29 June 2008. The Games attracted competitors and spectators from more than 20 countries, who participated in a celebration of excellence in sport, as well as a variety of social and cultural activities.

  • ImageMembers of Team Canada arrive for registration at the GJG Village. Akber Dewji (Hakim Sons)

    Hundreds of Ismaili athletes from around the world began to arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya today. At the Golden Jubilee Games Village, the energy and excitement continued to rise as they streamed in throughout the day.

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  • ImageMembers of the Jamat dance at the Tajikistan booth in the International Bazaar. Zahir Daya

    Excitement continued to grow at the Golden Jubilee Games. The International Bazaar provided a magnificent display of arts, culture and entertainment from Jamats around the world. Hundreds of volunteers finalised the transformation of the Aga Khan Sports Centre in anticipation of the Opening Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Games tomorrow morning.

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  • ImageAthletes from several countries spontaneously gathered for a photograph following the Opening Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Games. Rahim Khoja (Hakim Sons)

    There were no borders in sight early Tuesday morning, as athletes gathered for the Opening Ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Games. As the Kenyan and Ismaili flags were raised, accompanied by the National Anthem of Kenya and the Nashid al-Imamah, the entire stadium stood at attention. Immediately after the Opening Ceremony, teams dispersed for their first official day of sport competition.

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  • ImageWomen`s International Volleyball - Canada vs USA. Ejaz S. Karamali

    Athletes got an early start today, since most sports kicked off at 7:00 AM at various venues around Nairobi. Among non-sport events taking place during the day, a group of participants travelled to the lakeside town of Naivasha to join the Habitat for Humanity Community Service project, while others took in an AKDN excursion to the Frigoken agro-processing factory.

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  • Image The Kenyan and United States football teams celebrate following the night game at Kasarani. Moez Visram

    Competition heated up today with the start of quarter final matches and two featured night games. The first was a women's international volleyball match played between Canada and Syria; then, to the delight of the home crowd, Kenya took on the USA on the football pitch.

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  • ImageADKN excursions allowed particpants to learn about its programmes and companies in Kenya, inclding Tourism Promotion Services. Ejaz S. Karmali (Hakim Sons)

    Quarter and semi-final matches continued through the day today, drawing larger crowds to each game. An evening programme called “Celebrating the Games” featured a special video and photographic presentation of the past few days of sport and celebration.

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  • ImageMedallists from the golf finals. Zahir Daya

    Crowds gathered at various sporting venues today to watch the final matches of their favorite teams and sports to see who would take home the gold. A true spirit of sportsmanship prevailed, regardless of who won. In the evening, Global Celebrations and the International Bazaar took place at Stone City.

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  • ImageThe Golden Jubilee Games closed with an impressive display of fireworks. Akber Dewji (Hakim Sons)

    Today marked the final day of the Golden Jubilee Games. In a colourful, vibrant and emotionally charged evening ceremony, thousands of people — including athletes, spectators and members of the Jamat — gathered on the grounds of the Aga Khan Sports Club for the closing.

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