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Startup Alley at IPN LaunchPad 2016 is where investors and mentors had a chance to network one-on-one with startup founders seeking funding and advice.

Ismaili entrepreneurs and investors from nine countries gathered in California’s Silicon Valley last month to pitch ideas, share knowledge and to network with one another as part of IPN LaunchPad. The event was a chance for budding companies to access new sources of capital and connect with mentors and experts.

The Honorable Halim Dhanidina, an Ismaili who is a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge, is the first Muslim American judge in a superior court. Courtesy of Halim Dhanidina spoke with the Honorable Halim Dhanidina, an Ismaili who recently became the first Muslim superior court judge in the state of California. Against a landscape of sensitivities and misperceptions surrounding Islam in America and abroad, Judge Dhanidina offers a clear perspective on what it takes to keep justice fair.

Parents and their children take part in an ECD session at a Jamatkhana in Uganda. Ismaili Council for Uganda

Throughout the world, education is regarded as one of the most consistent and reliable vehicles towards an improved standard of living. Establishing a successful foundation in early childhood development is a pivotal determinant of success in education.

Parents play with their child during a Parwaaz early child development session. Ismaili Council for Pakistan

Parwaaz Early Child Development Programme is one of a number of early child development initiatives introduced in Pakistan. It is helping parents in the Jamat to to give their young children the best start in life.

Young Ismailis from the rural areas of Gujarat attend a camp in Surat. Rural communities make up 70 per cent of India's population. Ismaili Council for India

“The future is really bright, if you know where to shine the light,” says Alisha Sonawalla, a self-acclaimed culture enthusiast. She is one of many Ismaili youth in India, who see a bright future for their country — one they are keen to shape with their optimism and confidence.

London, 26 March 2015 — The Institute of Ismaili Studies is once again inviting applications to their annual Summer Programme on Islam. This year’s programme will be held in Toronto, Canada between 16 – 22 August.

The Aga Khan University will build a major new campus here, in Arusha, the city where the East African Community is headquartered. AKU

With a major expansion underway, the Aga Khan University is planting institutional and intellectual seeds to produce the leadership that East Africa will require in the years ahead. Dr Farouk Topan discusses some of the ways in which the university hopes to contribute to the East African Community.

After completing the first two years of GPISH at the IIS, students spend their final year earning their Masters degree at a British university like Oxford, Cambridge or the School of Oriental and African Studies. The Institute of Ismaili Studies

What do a policy advisor at the US State Department, a lecturer at Oxford University and the Head of Graduate Studies at The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) have in common? All of them have pursued postgraduate studies the IIS.

Children at Viara Junior Academy receive books as rewards for their commitment to learning. Courtesy of Bamba

When three Ismaili entrepreneurs saw the potential for their business model to improve education and address poverty in Kenya, they partnered with a Nairobi primary school and a local charity to test the idea. Student attendance, grades and enrollment at the school have since soared.

Odilbekov awaits the start of a contest in Buryatia, Russia.

Determination, faith and discipline can lead a person to spectacular heights. Shodmon Hojibekov speaks with martial arts champion Arthur Odilbekov of Tajikistan to find out what drives him.

Arthur Odilbekov, 2012 World Champion in Pankration, competes inside the octagon (the arena of combat).

Arthur Odilbekov of Tajikistan has been a determined athlete all of his life. He has won numerous tournaments on the Russian national stage in and internationally in various martial arts. With the 2012 World Championship in Pankration under his belt, he wants to see more training facilities and opportunities for Tajiks to pursue sport careers at home.

The purpose-built campus of the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad was designed by award-winning Bimal Patel of HCP in Ahmedabad.

The recently inaugurated Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad is one of the few schools in India to combine a rigorous academic programme with a rich array of co-curricular activities on a state-of-the-art residential campus. It also benefits from being part of a global network of Academies for which shared values and pluralistic ethos are an inspiration to the school’s students.

Samina Baig hopes that her achievement will inspire the millions of women in Pakistan.

Samina Baig, the first Ismaili Muslim woman and the first Pakistani female to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, marked a unique historical achievement as she unfurled the national flag of Pakistan and the Ismaili flag on the summit. She hopes that her achievement will inspire the millions of women in Pakistan so that they too can achieve their dreams.

Hina Hazrat speaks at the Leading Change event organised by The Youth Republic.

Hina Hazrat is enabling young people around the world to turn their ideas into action. Last year, her digital youth network, which enables young people to put their social action ideas to work, find partners for their projects and collectively work for a better world, received recognition at the World Summit Youth Awards.

Children and parents take part in activities during the Los Angeles ECDC Week of the Young Child held in April 2012.

The early years (from birth to six) are the period of most rapid growth in brain development. Exposure to music helps develop listening and auditory discrimination skills while contributing to motor skill development and increasing the range and flexibility of the voice. Similarly, introducing art to children at a young age has a number of benefits, ranging from improving creativity to increasing self-confidence.

High School students and their mentors who take part in the National College Expedition get to visit some of the world’s best schools in Boston.

The National College Expedition is an annual programme organised by AKEB USA for high school students in the USA, Canada, and France that empowers students to select the best colleges or universities in their areas of interest. The expedition takes students on campus tours in Boston, and familiarises them with the American college application process to help them make informed decisions.

The Opportunity Africa conference took place between 12–13 November 2011 at the Ismaili Centre, London, and was organised by the Aga Khan Economic Planning Boards for the United Kingdom, France and Portugal.

A weekend-long Opportunity Africa conference held at the Ismaili Centre, London hinted at what is already spreading across the continent. With a growing middle class, an impending housing market boom, an infrastructure deficit waiting to be filled, and a common East African financial market on the horizon, Africa is a focal point for new expansion and entrepreneurship.

A still from the short feature “Split Screen: A Love Story”, produced by Kurban Kassam and winner of the 2011 Nokia Shorts Competition.

A handful of Ismaili innovators in the digital media space are applying their creativity to promote change. Using emerging technologies such as smartphone cameras and interactive social media, they are producing compelling visual stories, harnessing new market segments and carefully studying the impact on audiences.

Preparing to capture the Abidjan skyline as part of a documentary feature.

Artistic production – including folk theatre – was a component of early civilisations including Greek, Roman, and Vedic cultures. In modern times, visual production is intertwined with far-reaching broadcast and social technologies. Hanif Kanji looks at a group of passionate Ismaili producers who use diverse media to influence social attitudes.

Horizons al-Ummah, a youth summer camp, provided an ideal field study on the development of Ismaili Muslim identity.

This past summer, students of The Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) travelled to seven different locations across the globe as part of their field research projects. Zuleikha Haji and Sehr Tejpar share accounts from two sides of the globe.