In May 2016, Tanzania launched its 2016 Jubilee Games Fanous Roadshow in Mwanza, where a tournament with Kenya was taking place. In a unique ceremony, the fawanees of both countries were brought together as a symbol of Jamati brotherhood.

Tanzania’s Fanous Roadshow lit by Kenya
7 June 2016
  • The launch of Tanzania’s Fanous Roadshow in May was accompanied by a unique ceremony in which the fawanees of both Kenya and Tanzania came together in a symbolic demonstration of Ismaili brotherhood.

    The Tanzanian Jamat launched their Fanous Roadshow at a Mwanza sports event, where athletes from the neighbouring Kenyan Jamat joined them for a friendly three-day volleyball and throwball tournament. It was an opportunity for all to taste the competition awaiting them in Dubai.

    When they arrived in Mwanza, the Kenyans — who had launched their own Fanous Roadshow only days prior — presented themselves with their national flag and Fanous in hand!

    During a touching ceremony held at Mwanza Jamatkhana in the evening, Team Kenya Captain Nooramyn Esmail presented the lit Kenyan Fanous to the President of the Ismaili Council for Western Tanzania, Altaf Hirani. The President then used the Kenyan Fanous to to symbolically light the Tanzanian Fanous, affirming the unity of Ismailis in the two countries and around the world.

    Athletes and other members of the Jamat exchanged warm hugs, and during the course of the tournament, everybody from children to seniors enjoyed seeing the Fanous and taking family photos and selfies with it. The next day, the Jamat came together to create a human formation of the Jubilee Games emblem, which was captured from the sky using a drone camera.