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Collaboration was key in preparing thousands of tasty and healthy meals for one of the largest Ismaili sports tournaments in North America. And pulses, regarded as a “superfood”, were an important feature on the menu.

Prince Rahim led the AKDN delegation at the opening ceremony of the Second World Nomad Games in the Kyrgyz Republic. AKDN

Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan, 6 September 2016 — Prince Rahim represented Mawlana Hazar Imam at the opening ceremony of the Second World Nomad Games, an international event that celebrates the cultural heritage of nomadic peoples throughout out the world.

Ismaili athlete Romikhudo Dodikhudoev will represent Tajikistan at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. Muboraksho Guljonov

Romikhudo Dodikhudoev is Tajikistan's only athlete at the 2016 Paralympic Games, which opens in Rio today. He will compete in the Men’s 100 metre and 400 metre races and wants his participation in the Games to be a source of hope for all people with disabilities in his country.

The Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Jubilee Games took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 29 July 2016. Watch the full event here.

Upon his arrival for the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Jubilee Games, His Highness Sheikh Mansoor is accompanied by LIF Chairman Mahmoud Eboo and Ismaili Council President Amiruddin Thanawala. JG / Pervaiz Akhtar

In a dazzling end to a memorable week, the Jubilee Games Closing Ceremony was a kaleidoscope of colour, dance, music, photos, and inspiring words. The athletes entered the hall together — no longer separated by country.

Medalists in women's track & field gather for a photo behind their respective flags on the final day of competition. JG / Akber Dewji

The final day of competition at the Jubilee Games lived up to the hype. Team Canada caught up to and overtook Team Pakistan in the medal standings, and everyone in attendance was treated to great matches.

The spirit of Jamati unity prevailed as Ismailis from around the world gathered in Dubai for the 2016 Jubilee Games. JG

Competition was intense at the 2016 Jubilee Games, but it was the spirit of Jamati unity that won out in the end. Watch as Ismailis from around the world render the familiar lyrics “Dream, believe and reach the the sky!” in several of the many languages spoken in their home countries.

Hospitality desk volunteers answered questions and offered directions and tips to the thousands of people attending the Jubilee Games in Dubai. JG

Approximately 2 000 volunteers from the United Arab Emirates and abroad gathered in Dubai to make the 2016 Jubilee Games a reality. This video pays tribute to them.

In the women's basketball semi-final, Canada held off Tajikistan to advance to the final. JG / Kashish Ali

Wednesday was semi-final day at the Jubilee Games. The matches were intense and the crowds were at their loudest.

Salim and Sulaiman discuss their experiences in the music industry during the workshop at the Global Village. JG/Farhez Rayani

The Jubilee Games has celebrated not only the excellence of athletes in the Jamat, but also the Ismaili community’s musical performers. Much of the excitement and unity of the Jubilee Games has been spread through world-class music.

Dancers highlight the South Asian, Tajik, and Arab traditions at the Opening Ceremony of the Jubilee Games. JG/Shams Merioto

The Opening Ceremony on 23 July in Dubai marked the official start of the 2016 Jubilee Games. The 10 000-strong audience erupted in ovation over and over again, as thousands more around the world streamed it live at

Teams Pakistan and India shake hands at the last Throwball match of their group stage.

Day 5 featured the men’s football quarter final between Canada and the United States, as well as action in Badminton, Basketball and Throwball.

Kids atttend the FCBEscola football camp held at the Jubilee Games in Dubai. Kashish Ali

Kids at the Jubilee Games have been picking up new football (soccer) skills at the FCBEscola football camp being held at the Jubilee Games.

Prince Rahim and His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan light the central Fanous of the Opening Ceremony to officially mark the beginning of the 2016 Jubilee Games. JG/Pervaiz Akhtar

The 2016 Jubilee Games officially opened on Friday, 23 July in the presence of Prince Rahim and His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan. The event marked the start of a week-long celebration of excellence in sport that has drawn some 2,000 athletes of the global Ismaili Muslim community together to compete.

Myra Ladkawala (right) stands with fellow athletes Saira Babul (center) and Safia Ladha (left) at the 2016 Jubilee Games. JG/Farhez Rayani

Myra Nur Lakdawala earned the first gold medal of the 2016 Jubilee Games, when she won the women’s 1500 m race on Sunday. She holds the Pakistan national record in the 3000 m race and is no stranger to being in the lead.

The flags of India and Pakistan wave in the breeze in the early hours of the morning. JG/Mairaj Amir

A shared passion for film, music and most importantly cricket brought two teams together early Sunday morning. When India and Pakistan don the cricket flannels, hopes and aspirations run high on both sides.

Team Tajikistan, whose oldest competing athlete is 74 years old, enters the Opening Ceremony at the Jubilee Games. JG/Nausheen Khuwaja

On 23 July 2016, thousands of Jamati members from around the world gathered at the Dubai World Trade Centre to mark the official opening of the 2016 Jubilee Games in Dubai, UAE.

Team USA (red) and Team Canada (white) play a riveting match at the Jubilee Games. USA won 40-31. JG/Rahim Khoja

Day 3 of competition featured the first gold medal of the Jubilee Games and it was Team Pakistan who won the honour.

Prince Rahim joins in on an audience wave while taking in a match at the Jubilee Games. JG/Pervaiz Akhtar

Prince Rahim attended the Jubilee Games on 23 July where he met with athletes, volunteers and spectators. He took in a number of sports matches and had a chance to tour the Global Village.

People take time to relax at the Global Village at the 2016 Jubilee Games. JG/Ahmed Charania

If the international Ismaili community were to have its own town square, it would most certainly feel like the Global Village — a Jubilee Games hub where visitors can meet one another and experience the music, art and culture of their Ismaili brothers and sisters from around the world.