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Enthusiastic participants from Gilgit, Hunza and Ishkoman-Puniyal learnt ice skating and hockey through AKYSB Pakistan's expanded Sports Fellowship Programme.

A little over a year ago, the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan launched a sports training programme, which proved to be popular and successful ahead of the 2016 Jubilee Games. This winter, the Youth and Sports Board expanded the programme to include golf, ice skating and ice hockey.

Soccer nutrition pulses

Collaboration was key in preparing thousands of tasty and healthy meals for one of the largest Ismaili sports tournaments in North America. And pulses, regarded as a “superfood”, were an important feature on the menu.

Athletes bearing the Indian flag follow the Jubilee Games Fanous at a ceremony in Mumbai. Shams Maredia

The 109 athletes who will represent India at the 2016 Jubilee Games in Dubai were presented at a lively ceremony held in Mumbai in May. They were received by an enthusiastic, cheering Jamat.

"One Jamat, No Boundaries" themed wristbands await athletes and spectators at the 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament. Sumair Khemani

The 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament is taking place between 24–27 March in Sydney, Australia. See photo highlights from the Tournament here.

The 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament is taking place between 24 - 27 March in Sydney, Australia. ANZ-IST2016

Ismaili Muslims from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are gathering in Sydney for the 2016 ANZ Ismaili Sports Tournament III (IST). Taking place between between 24 – 27 March, the sports event serves as a qualifier for the 2016 Jubilee Games in Dubai.

Athletes, volunteers, and spectators from across the country came together for the 2015 US Ismaili Games in the spirit of One Jamat. Azim Maknojia

The 2015 United States Ismaili Games drew to a close on the Sunday of the American Thanksgiving weekend, as athletes, volunteers and spectators gathered to congratulate each other on a national sport tournament that embodied the spirit of unity within the Jamat.

Athletes from several regions reconnect at opening ceremony of the 2015 US Ismaili Games. Azim Maknojia

The 2015 United States Ismaili Games were held in Dallas, Texas between 26 – 29 November. Nearly 1 000 athletes competed during the Thanksgiving long weekend, supported by hundreds of volunteers.

An Ismaili pipe band from Dallas performing at the US Ismaili Games pep rally held in Dallas on 21 November. Umair Ali

Nearly 1 000 athletes will compete at the United States Ismaili Games over the upcoming Thanksgiving Day weekend. The sports tournament will take place in Dallas, Texas between 26–29 November.

Ismaili athletes take part in a Sports Fellowship programme organised by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan. Ismaili Council for Pakistan

In Pakistan, young Ismailis are receiving knowledge and inspiration from elite-level athletes in a sports fellowship programme organised by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board. In addition to training and mentoring, the youth are coming away with a new sense of what they can possibly achieve in sport.

Ismailis from across North America gathered in Chicago over the 2014 Labour Day weekend for the first ever North American Ismaili Games. Akber Dewji

Over Labour Day weekend in early September, more than 2 500 athletes, spectators and volunteers attended the first ever North American Ismaili Games in Chicago. While there were individual medal presentations and celebrations in every sport, the entire Jamat was the real winner.

Southeast men’s dance team, Nishani, is an example of the high calibre of competition at the North American Ismaili Games.

Chicago, 30 August 2014 – Two days into the North American Ismaili Games, the biggest draw so far has been the dance competition. Word spread quickly following an incredible set of performances on day one, and a crowd of over 800 spectators showed up for Saturday’s shows.

The North American Ismaili Games is the largest Ismaili sports event ever staged on the content.

Chicago, 28 August 2014 – This Labour Day weekend, Ismaili Muslims from across Canada and the United States will gather in Chicago for the inaugural North American Ismaili Games. An expected 1 300 athletes will compete in 12 sports, making the event the largest Ismaili sports tournament ever staged in North America.

The group gathered in front of Wat Phrabuddhasrisongkhlanakarin, an ornate Buddhist shrine at the centre of Songkhla in southern Thailand.

Earlier this year, Ismaili youth from the Far East came together in Thailand to join in celebrating the country’s new year festival – well known for celebrants splashing water on one another! It proved to be a memorable way for the youth to connect while immersing themselves in a unique tradition of Thai culture, says participant Adeel Gilani.

Participants take a keen interest in the music session during the National Youth Camp.

Young Ismailis from across Pakistan grappled with the challenge of re-imagining their country’s future last year at the National Youth Camp 2012 held in Karachi. Some 80 participants aged 18 – 22 engaged in dialogue about differences and commonality, reflected on how to make positive life choices, and learnt how they might transform their hopes for a better world into reality.

Yoga enthusiasts at the Karimabad Fitness Centre.

Only a minimal percentage of adults in Pakistan actively participate in any sports, games or exercise to stay fit. Nevertheless, societal changes over the past two decades have resulted in a greater need for active lifestyles and increased health awareness. Through programming, facilities and services, the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board in Pakistan is helping the Jamat to “leap into fitness”.

With daily practices, weekly games, and weekend long tournaments, participating in high school sports is no walk in the park.

Women’s Flag Football player, Naayab Ladak of Birmingham, Alabama recounts her experience playing in Ismaili regional and national sports tournaments in the USA. Speaking with other female athletes, she discusses how participating in sports with determination, courage and hard work can build character and confidence, both on and off the field.

Young Ismailis are increasingly making their mark in all fields – academic and non-academic. Through the Youth Awards for Excellence, 2010, the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for India recognised the Jamati youth and honoured high achievers in fields such as sports, the arts, sciences, creative expression, and leadership.

Just outside Khorog Park, a group of Tajik girls show off the new ice skates that will be available for use when the park pond freezes over in the winter.

Since its inauguration in 2009, Khorog City Park in Tajikistan has become a popular year-round destination. Even in the deep freeze of the winter, children zipped through the park last year, laughing and throwing snowballs. But this winter, Khorog’s frozen pond will also come alive, as the joy of ice skating is shared between young Ismailis in Tajikistan and Canada, half a world away.

Athletes line-up to register at the Aga Khan University Sports Complex in Karachi.

The Pakistan Jamat participated in the josh trials for the Golden Jubilee Games at the Aga Khan University Sports and Rehabilitation Centre in Karachi, drawing more than 2 200 athletes from across the country.

Flag hoisiting ceremony at Bandra Yuwan society in Mumbai; Mr. Firoz Sattani and Mr. Anwarali Rayani, Vice-President, Ismaili Council for India

Sixty years and she's seen it all - happiness and sorrow, love and hate, poverty and riches. And her citizens celebrated this milestone across the country. Independence Day in India was celebrated by Jamati members at various centres across India. The Independence Day events invigorated and re-ignited the spirit of patriotism in the Jamat who are proud to be citizens of India and share with her the journey forward.